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3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob

3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob is a laser level, a tape measure, and a protractor, bundled together in the same app.
Thanks to 3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob, you can verify vertical and horizontal alignments, measure distances and measure angles.
It's a great tool for interior designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts.

3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob is an augmented reality app which displays a virtual frame on top of the camera image. This frame remains vertical regardless of the orientation of your device. The frame dimensions are displayed in real time.
There are multiple frame shapes that are suitable for a variety of measurement use cases:
- height and width measurement,
- vertical or horizontal surface measurement,
- cubic or cylindrical volume measurement (paid version only),
- slope angle measurement with respect to the vertical,
- centering measurement,
- checking proportions by increasing the number of frame columns or rows.

When you take a picture, you can move around the frame, to measure any object visible on the screen. A magnifying glass allows you to make precise measurements.
When you're done with your measurements, you have the option to save your work as a 3D scene in the app library, to save it as a standard picture in the phone gallery or to send the 3D scene to another device running 3D Measurement App - Plumb-bob.

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