Step 1:

After accessing the website

Step 2:

You can select the files you want to download from the Recent Files section, the Main Categories section, the More Categories section, or search the search box

Recent Files section

the Main Categories section

More Categories section

Search box

Step 3:

After selecting the file go to the bottom of the page and click on the file download button as shown in the picture below

Download button

This is how the file page appears

Step 4:

When you click the download button you will open a new window, you will be shown at the top right of the page a message which is "Please wait 5 seconds"

After the end of the five seconds will appear button "Skip AD" click on it

"Skip ad" button

Step 5:

After clicking on the "skip ad" button, you will automatically move to the download page of the file as shown in the image below

Now, click the download button and save the file.