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Full 3-Storey School Building Project [DWG]

Full 3-Storey School Building Project [DWG]

A three-storey school building project

Architectural plans

The project file contains architectural section panels A - A, B - B, with architectural elevations, as well as architectural plans showing the internal distribution of classes, sanitary units, utilities, and stairs.

Electrical diagrams

Also contains lighting diagrams, electrical outlets with electrical details, schedules, circuit breakers, electrical loads, main electrical cabinet, and grounding hole.

Mechanical diagrams

It also contains sanitation facilities, cold and hot water extension, water tank, water well plan, water network planning, schedules, full details, sanitation plan, external sanitary installations, cesspits, tables, and sanitation details.

Construction plans

It also contains foundations, structural columns, executive column center, and building strengthening details such as bridges, stairs, foundations, and other structural details and detailed schedules.
The project is complete with all plans.

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