Recents in Beach

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Road Pavement Details [DWG]

the typical cross-section for one way asphalt road, compacted crushed, compacted subgrade, sidewalk, existing wall, carriageway, compacted crushed aggregate, median, the typical cross-section for two ways with median and sidewalks., proposed design level, selected backfilling material, carriageway width, retaining beam, the typical cross-section for two ways road with median and sidewalk, precast concrete curb

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Modern House Plan [DWG]
Different Structural Details [DWG]
Structural Steel Connections [DWG]
Steel Sections - CAD Libraries [DWG]
House Electrical Installation [DWG]
 AutoCAD Blocks for HVAC Design [DWG]
Hospital Project [DWG]
School Project Plans [DWG]
Shopping Mall Plan [DWG]