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DWG TrueView 2021 Free AutoCAD Drawing Viewer


DWG TrueView 2021: The Free AutoCAD Drawing Viewer Autodesk provides several viewers, on this page I will detail the AutoCAD drawing-oriented viewer. DWG TrueView 2021 viewer is available.

DWG True-View allows you to:

- open plans in DWG and DXF format (any version)

- manage the layers

- print an open drawing

- print presentations from open or unopened drawings (PUBLISH command) like AutoCAD to printers and/or plotter but also to print in PDF format.

- convert DWG files to previous DWG versions.

The required configuration:

- only on windows 10 64 bits and 8.1 (in short on a window supported by Microsoft)

- Windows 8.1 with update KB2919355

- Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) -

- not supported: Windows 7 and Windows 10 32 bits.

- .NET Framework version 4.7

- RAM memory: 16 GB recommended minimum 8 GB and

- Disk space 6 GB

See the system requirements.

Install, with the default installation.

Start: from Desktop icon. The icon on the desktop

Displays the black and empty home screen: you must open a drawing: 

Open a DWG or DXF drawing! DWg True -View can open any DWG and DXF versions.

See a table of compatibilities and history of the DWG and DXF format

Interface with ribbon: it is similar to that of AutoCAD 2021 with the dark or light color scheme (to be changed if necessary from the Display options).

The ribbon consists of a single start tab:

the icons Open, convert, plot, the plot in batch, zoom, access to layers, measure, object snaps ..

Display, Visualize: uses the same zoom functions as AutoCAD !.

Zoom with the mouse wheel, pan (hold the wheel and move the mouse), Zoom to the extent by double-clicking on the wheel.
The other zoom commands are available from the ribbon, view icon group: zoom icon.

here is a 3d drawing:

use the predefined views and constrained 3d orbit and Continuous 3d orbit, but not free 3d orbit. (the combination of a temporary shift key or shift + wheel is not available!) AutoCAD visual styles are also present: realistic, conceptual, 2d wireframe, sketch ...
You cannot enter a command on the keyboard, nor a keyboard shortcut!

No modification of objects:

You cannot change the properties of the objects: color layer, line type, transparency, nor change the geometry (length, radius, move vertex).

Measure, distance:

The Quick Measure command like AutoCAD.
The command Distance and give 2 points the length is displayed in the command lines.
The Area command to obtain the surface by giving points, or use the Object option and then point to a polyline.

It remains simple, one cannot obtain an accumulation of length.

Surface grip:

with the command, the Area either give points or an object.
The new Quick command: a click in a contour, displays in green the surface of the detected contour, and the found surface.

Does not have a rating function.
you can manage the layers from the layers manager, and also from the functions to freeze and inactivate by pointing.

from the drop-down list of layers

Print as AutoCAD, with saved drawing settings.

Tip: you can copy the settings of an AutoCAD station: the PC3, PMP, CTB, and STB files, in the tree structure of DWG True View.

You can  :
- modify the print settings of a presentation:
- assign another printer and the possibility of using it.PC3 files.
- change the paper format,
- change pen table (CTB or STB file)

The limit: you cannot create a new window or select a window; nor modify the scale, or its locking.

We reserve the use to print plans whose layout is prepared in AutoCAD.

Hardware acceleration.
If you notice noise on the screen when moving the mouse, I suggest you turn off hardware acceleration.
From the hardware acceleration icon, located in the status bar at the bottom right of the screen.

Convert DWGs: DWG TrueView allows you to convert DWG to a previous version.
From: DWG Conversion icon

The File Tree tab:

1- from Add files icon: select DWG files.
2- choose a configuration proposed by default.
3- click the Convert button (located at the bottom)

Note: DWG True View cannot convert to DXF format: DXF to DWG nor in the DWG to DXF direction.

This free software from Autodesk can provide a lot of service in BO.

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