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Course in Steel Stairs Design [Video, eBooks]
Image by bernswaelz from Pixabay 

Steel Framed Stairway Design

Intended Audience: Architects, Detailers, Engineers, Fabricators

Steel Framed Stairway Design, Part 1

Part 1 of the webinar provides guidance for the design and layout of steel elements for steel framed stairways, guards, handrail and related components. Information regarding stairways, code requirements for gravity loading and serviceability criteria, design methods, and design examples will be presented.

Steel Framed Stairway Design, Part 2

Part 2 of the webinar provides information regarding code requirements for seismic loading and serviceability criteria, guard/handrail design, design examples, considerations related to construction tolerances, additional design considerations, and delegated design.

Introduction to Design Guide : Steel Framed Stairway Design 

Typically, there is not much information given in the contract documents for stairs defined as delegated design components, and much is left to the delegated designer and detailer. This session will present best practices and help define an approach for the set-up, design, and detailing of steel framed stairways, as well as help ensure that your designs meet the contract document, applicable building code.

Steel Framed Stairway Design [N3]

This session provides guidance for the design and layout of steel elements for steel framed stairways, guards, handrail and related components. Background information regarding stairways, code requirements, design methods, guard/handrail design, special considerations, delegated design and design examples will be presented. Topics include:
  • Common issues related to the design and construction of steel framed stairways
  • Understanding of stair types, members, and components
  • General overview of code requirements specific to stairways
  • Structural engineering for steel stairway members and connections
  • Delegated design considerations
  • Coordination between stair designer and architect, engineer of record, detailer, fabricator and erector

Structural Design of Staircases - Don't Get Tripped Up 

This presentation will begin with a brief overview of a case study involving a problematic stairway and how the engineer eventually resolved the issue. Key references available to the profession will then be reviewed and an in-depth analysis of the procedures available for designing stairways will follow. The presentation will conclude with suggestions for proactive and reactive strategies in always getting it right.

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