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Family House Plan 107 sq m [DWG, PDF, JPG]

Family House Plan 107 sq m [DWG, PDF, JPG]


Family House Plan 107 sq m [DWG, PDF, JPG]

Practical 3 bedroom bungalow with a total area of 107 sqm
The children's rooms with built-in wardrobes, a large built-in wardrobe in the parents' bedroom, and a separate laundry room will provide comfort and storage for a 4-member family.


The family house. The floor plan is designed without any useless space. The guest toilet is accessible from the entry hall, there is a smaller pantry in the kitchen, and space in the middle of the house, where there is not enough light, is used as a technical room with laundry. The bathroom provides plenty of room for a shower and a separate bath. There is also enough storage space in the house. A built-in wardrobe is located in the entry hall and a built-in wardrobe of at least 2.5 meters in each of the bedrooms. Another storage space for lighter seasonal items is located in the attic of the house and is accessible by folding stairs from the corridor. Other benefits of this house include a fireplace visible from the dining and living areas of the house and a kitchen situated so that you have an overview of what is happening in front of the house as well as in the garden. Increased privacy is ensured through the separation of the bedrooms from the rest of the house.

Basic parameters

Built‐up area 134,88 m²
Floor area 107,32 m²
Living room and bedrooms 71,67 m²
Terrace 20,94 m²
Built‐up volume 641,18 m³
Roof height 5 930 mm
Clear height of rooms 2 690 mm
Roof slope 22°
Number of rooms 4
Exterior dimensions 11,67 x 12,17 m
Minimal site width 17,17 m
Optimal site width 18,67 m

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