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Auto-Count Blocks in AutoCAD [.LISP]


Auto-Count Blocks in AutoCAD [.LISP]

Block Counter
Function Syntax : Count / Countsettings
Current Version: 1.5
File format : [LSP]

LISP Description

This program enables the user to record the quantities of a selection or all standard or dynamic blocks in the working drawing. The results of the block count may be displayed at the AutoCAD command-line, written to a Text or CSV file, or displayed in an AutoCAD Table, where available.

Upon issuing the command syntax count at the AutoCAD command-line, the user is prompted to make a selection of standard or dynamic blocks to be counted by the program. At this prompt, the user may right-click or press Enter to automatically count all blocks in the drawing.

Depending on the output setting, the results may then be printed to the AutoCAD command-line and displayed in the Text Window, or the user will be prompted to specify an insertion point for the table or a filename & location for the Text or CSV output file.

The program settings may be configured using the countsettings command; this command will present the user with a dialog interface through which the data output, table & file headings, displayed columns, sorting field & sort order may each be altered.

Count Settings

Count Settings

How to Load Lisp File

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