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Download Revit 2021, Library, Family, Templates, [Metric Imperial]


Download Revit 2021, Library,  Family, Templates,  [Metric Imperial]

Download Revit 2021, Library,  Family, Templates,  [Metric Imperial]

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Revit LT 2021, & Revit Products 2021

The below links represent the Family Templates, Project Templates and Family Libraries provided for Revit 2021 and Revit LT 2021 in all supported languages and locales.

To apply the content files:

  • Download the desired content executable to a local location
  • Launch the content executable from the saved local location
  • Specify the desired content location (Default destination folder “C:\Program Data\Autodesk\”) and choose Extract. The files will be extracted to RVT 2021 and RLT 2021 folders when applicable.

Important Notes:

  • During file extraction, you may encounter a "Cannot create…" error message. This is due to Windows needing explicit Administrator permissions to overwrite an existing file contained within the C:\ProgramData location. If you encounter this message, it means that the files are already present and no further action is needed. If you would like to extract the entire package and overwrite the existing files, please run the executable using the "Run as Administrator" option.
  • ** Denotes executable which contains content already installed with either Revit 2021 or Revit LT 2021 by default
  • * Denotes executable which contains content installed by either of the optional US Base Families, UK Base Families, or German Base Families

English - United States

**RVT2021_ENU_Imperial_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 137MB)

*RVT2021_ENU_Imperial_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.3GB)

**RVT2021_ENU_Metric_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 123MB)

*RVT2021_ENU_Metric_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

English - United Kingdom

**RVT2021_ENG_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 90MB)

*RVT2021_ENG_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.3GB)

English - Australia

RVT2021_AUS_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 83MB)

RVT2021_AUS_Libraries.exe (exe - 965MB)

English - Belgium

RVT2021_BEL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_BEL_Libraries.exe (exe - 50MB)

English - Canada

RVT2021_CAN_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_CAN_Libraries.exe (exe - 54MB)

English - Denmark

RVT2021_DNK_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 7MB)

RVT2021_DNK_Libraries.exe (exe – 27MB)

English - Egypt

RVT2021_EGY_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_EGY_Libraries.exe (exe - 22MB)

English - Finland

RVT2021_FIN_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 18MB)

RVT2021_FIN_Libraries.exe (exe – 20MB)

English - Greece

RVT2021_GRC_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_GRC_Libraries.exe (exe - 15MB)

English - Hong Kong

RVT2021_Hong_Kong_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_Hong_Kong_Libraries.exe (exe - 22MB)

English - India

RVT2021_IND_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_IND_Libraries.exe (exe – 40MB)

English - Iceland

RVT2021_ISL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_ISL_Libraries.exe (exe - 15MB)

English - Malaysia

RVT2021_MSY_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_MSY_Libraries.exe (exe – 20MB)

English - Netherland

RVT2021_NLD_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_NLD_Libraries.exe (exe – 29MB)

English - Norway

RVT2021_NOR_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_NOR_Libraries.exe (exe – 18MB)

English - New Zealand

RVT2021_NZL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 20MB)

RVT2021_NZL_Libraries.exe (exe – 861MB)

English - Portugal

RVT2021_PRT_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_PRT_Libraries.exe (exe – 17MB)

English - Romania

RVT2021_ROU_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_ROU_Libraries.exe (exe – 10MB)

English - Singapore

RVT2021_SGP_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 19MB)

RVT2021_SGP_Libraries.exe (exe – 800MB)

English - South Africa

RVT2021_ZAF_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_ZAF_Libraries.exe (exe – 15MB)

English - South Asia

RVT2021_South_Asia_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_South_Asia_Libraries.exe (exe – 15MB)

English - Sweden

RVT2021_SWE_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_SWE_Libraries.exe (exe – 15MB)

English - Thailand

RVT2021_THA_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 7MB)

RVT2021_THA_Libraries.exe (exe – 15MB)

Chinese Simplified

**RVT2021_CHS_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 108MB)

RVT2021_CHS_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.7GB)

RVT2021_CHS_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_CHS_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

Chinese Traditional

**RVT2021_CHT_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 96MB)

RVT2021_CHT_Libraries.exe (exe – 472MB)

RVT2021_CHT_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_CHT_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)


**RVT2021_CSY_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 95MB)

RVT2021_CSY_Libraries.exe (exe – 789MB)

RVT2021_CSY_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_CSY_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)


**RVT2021_FRA_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 124MB)

RVT2021_FRA_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.4GB)

RVT2021_FRA_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_FRA_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)


**RVT2021_DEU_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 214MB)

*RVT2021_DEU_Libraries.exe (exe – 3.1GB)


**RVT2021_ITA_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 113MB)

RVT2021_ITA_Libraries.exe (exe – 615MB)

RVT2021_ITA_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_ITA_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)


**RVT2021_JPN_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 162MB)

RVT2021_JPN_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.5GB)

RVT2021_JPN_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_JPN_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

RVT2021_JPN_RUG_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 52MB)

RVT2021_JPN_RUG_Libraries.exe (exe – 910MB)


**RVT2021_KOR_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 124MB)

RVT2021_KOR_Libraries.exe (exe – 519MB)

RVT2021_KOR_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_KOR_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.1GB)


**RVT2021_PLK_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 98MB)

RVT2021_PLK_Libraries.exe (exe – 916MB)

RVT2021_PLK_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_PLK_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

Portuguese - Brazil

**RVT2021_PTB_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 97MB)

RVT2021_PTB_Libraries.exe (exe – 791MB)

RVT2021_PTB_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_PTB_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

Russian - Russia

**RVT2021_RUS_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 103MB)

RVT2021_RUS_Libraries.exe (exe – 877MB)

RVT2021_RUS_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 86MB)

RVT2021_RUS_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)

Russian - Belarus

**RVT2021_BLR_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_BLR_Libraries.exe (exe – 10MB)

Russian - Ukraine

**RVT2021_UKR_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 8MB)

RVT2021_UKR_Libraries.exe (exe – 11MB)


**RVT2021_ESP_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe - 97MB)

RVT2021_ESP_Libraries.exe (exe – 670MB)

RVT2021_ESP_INTL_FamTemplates_Templates.exe (exe – 85MB)

RVT2021_ESP_INTL_Libraries.exe (exe – 1.2GB)


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