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Lighting Layout Plan Detail And Electrical Legend General Note

2d cad drawing of the lighting floor layout of the ground floor plan and the first floor includes lighting and fan point in cad file, download free dwg file and learn how to installation electrical fan and lighting point and wiring detail with the main switchboard.

download Electrical Legend DWG And General Note AutoCAD Drawing that includes 

1. power supply cables shall be single core PVC insulated of single-core PVC sheathed or multicore PVC/PVC (as shown on drawings), copper conductor, volt grade 600/1000 volts to bss-6346-1969.

 2. wirings cables (from DB,s to a switchboard, power outlets, switchboards to lights fan/5amps. outlets or control wiring) shall be single-core, PVC insulated, copper conductor cables, volts grade 300/500 or 450/750 volt to bss-6004-1975

 3. lights circuit (unless otherwise indicated) shall be wired with 2 nos 7/.029 single core PVC cables+3/.029 single-core cable as pc.(protective conductor)

4. light/fan points/5a.outlet shall be wired. 2 nos. 3/.029 single core PVC cable+1no 3/.029 single core cable as pc.

 5. 15 amps. outlets shall be wired with 2 nos. 7/.036 single core PVC cable+7./029 single-core as pc.

 6. split a/c units & window type a/c units shall be wired with 2 nos, 7/0.036 single core cable + 

7.029 single-core cable as pc (protective conductor) 

8. the number of single-core cable in any PVC conduit shall be determined such that the ratio of cable area including protective conductor to conduit area is not more than 0:3:1, the following table is given as general guidelines wherever conduit size is not specified, 20 mm dia conduit shall the minimum size if it meets the above criteria.

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